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Did you like our revolutionary product iWayTrack? Well, we have a Good News for You! Now you can earn money with iWayTrack

Robust Tools to Support You Each Moment

We provide you a set of useful tools which you can use to design your affiliate marketing strategy and achieve desired result. Use these affiliate tools and setup your campaign. Be worry-free and see your earned income. There are countless benefits of iWayTrack Affiliate Program. The biggest benefit is; you get instant access to all required resources, a few to name are: Advance Affiliate Marketing Tools, Income Reports, Sales Reports, Promotional Banners, Offers and 24X7 Support. We have designed each resource to make you win. We follow a transparent monthly payment policy for all the sales made through you. That’s not all. iWayTrack offers lifetime affiliate income plan, which means, you also earn when people re-order it or renew the plan sold by you in past. It is an ultimate opportunity for you to be a part of No: 1 affiliate program in this niche.

Deep Linking Facility:

Our deep linking tool enables you to create affiliate link leading to the product checkout page so that you get higher conversion rate.

Extensive Reporting Tools:

We support Extensive Reporting tools to give you instant access to check sales made, confirmed orders, conversion rate, earning as well as refunds. You can export all reports via APIs.

Access to Premium Coupons, Discounts and Offers :

You get access to our vendor’s promotion offers and discounts from there you can handpick coupons, discounts and offers which you want to promote.

On Call Support :

Got query? No worries, iWayTrack offers dedicated support to solve all your queries in no time. Call us or Mail us and we will respond immediately with the solution.

Transparent and Versatile Payment Option :

You can track your income anytime you want. You can choose and accept payment via PayPal, Wire Transfer or Cheque. The minimum payout is $100.


Quick Sign Up, Absolutely Free

The sign up process takes few minutes only to get approved and to be on the board. It is absolutely free for the life time. Once you sign up, you will get access to all the resources and tools of iWayTrack affiliate program.

A source to Earn Money Lifetime

We have designed a powerful program which allows you to earn commission up to 50%. That’s not all! Time to time, we will share special offers, discounts and coupons. Through them, you can earn extra money as well. We are also committed to reward you time to time as you move ahead with more sales. Moreover, you earn money for renewals and reorders too.

Set of Tools to Convert Your Traffic into Sales

We offer a set of useful tools which you can use to boost your affiliate campaign. We provide you ready made banners, data feeds, images and product links which you can use to convert traffic into successful orders. With these tools, you can easily boost your sales, means more earning! Moreover, we have a team of affiliate experts to guide you from the roots. For any queries, feel free to contact on [email protected]

Monitor Your Growth and Move Ahead

Every day, you can closely monitor your movements, earning and growth through our detailed reporting system. You can study them and decide further strategy. To help you more, we have regular newsletters, which will allow you to earn more with smart strategy and planning. And never forget; Our dedicated support staff is just a call away!


What is iWayTrack affiliate program?
We are among the top leading tracking software and application provider companies. We pay you very lucrative commission for every sale you make through your affiliate ID. Being fastest growing company in the tracking application niche, we want to share our success story with you all. We want you to grow, earn more through our high affiliate commission rates.

How to Be a Partner or an affiliate with iWayTrack?

We have super easy three quick steps for you to create your free iWayTrack affiliate membership.

  1. Sign-up to our affiliate program called iWayCash (It’s absolutely free)
  2. Fill in the details about you and your website
  3. Your Affiliate ID will be generated upon approval by company

And Voila! You are done. You are iWayTrack Partner Now!

How to Earn Money with iWayTrack?

It is super easy. Just refer leads to iWayTrack and earn money with us. You can have long term income from iWayTrack while promoting this on your website.

Key Benefits of iWayTrack Affiliate Program

  • You earn heavy commission from each sale you make
  • You get complete earning report to track your affiliate sale
  • We offer Lifetime Commission Earning on all resell
  • Live On Call Support
  • We will help you to define powerful affiliate campaigns

Why you should choose iWayTrack?

iWayTrack is one stop solution to track movements of your mobile employees with extraordinary features like location tracking, call log, contacts, browser history and many more. This single enterprise application is capable to boost productivity of your staff working out in the field.

Who Needs iWayTrack?

You definitely require iWayTrack whether you are a business owner or you manage a large organization. If you have mobile employees working out in the field for the marketing, advertising or meeting potential clients, this mobile application can be a boon for you. You can track and monitor your employees working to make sure they choose the right path and spend their time in professional work only to complete allocated tasks.

What are your commission rates?

We have various offers with different models. We offer WIN-WIN affiliate models, in which you can earn for the actions you make. To see the current payouts, check offers description, where we provide all required details. You can earn rewarding commission on every successful sale.

What is t payee conditions of your Pay out system terms?

We have three main models for iWaytRack affiliate program. Which are:

Bronze Model: up to 99 sales/month – 25% Revenue Share

Silver Model: above 99 and up to 299/month – 33% Revenue Share

Gold Model: above 299/month – 50% Revenue Share

How often are payments made?

You can choose Monthly or Quarterly Payment Term from the Payment methods we offer. If the Payment due comes on a Holiday, you just need to wait till the very next business day for the payment. We pay you as soon as you reach the commission payment threshold, that we kept as low as $100. It is subject to note that new affiliates are eligible for payment only when they complete their first 5 sale, All affiliate sales are subject to 2 weeks hold period. For any payment related queries, contact us on [email protected]

What are your payment methods?

We pay affiliate commissions every month or quarter as you choose at the time of registration, You can receive payment through PayPal, NEFT Wire Transfer or Cheque.

How do you handle Cancellations / Refunds to Merchants ?

When you join iWayTrack affiliate program, you are committed to promote iWayTrack in correct manner only while not misleading any customers. If you follow the same, you can hardly have cancellations. We try our best to serve the customers with best product and service. However, for any cancelled transaction or return, your account will be debited for commission earned for that specific sale. Kindly note that we are final authority to decide not to pay to the Affiliates with very high cancellations or refunds to their merchants.

May I referrer other affiliates to the program?

Sure. If you want to earn extra 10% commission, do refer iWayTrack Affiliate program to your friends and relatives. We would be happy to see more affiliates and sharing more revenue with you.

What are your target audiences?

Corporate Offices – to monitor marketing staff working out in the field

Business owners – to enforce corporate policies on company’s devices

Organizations – Like Hospitals, NGOs with Many People working under one roof

What languages and locales is iWayTrack available in?

Currently iWayTrack affiliate program is available in English only. In near future, we will expand the same in German, Spanish, French, Italian, Turkish, Korean and Arabic.

What traffic sources work the best?

So far we received best sale conversion through Paid Campaigns as well as through review websites which provides clear view of its use, benefits and features of iWayTrack. Additionally, SEO (Search Engine Optimization also helps to rank website high in search engine followed by better traffic and good conversation. Give less priority to coupons website as we noticed it works slower and gives result in terms of sale and conversion.

What affiliate resources do you provide me with?

Banners – We can provide you readymade banners that you can use in your own website to generate sale. You can download banners for free or Link them directly.

SEO keywords – We can provide you well researched set of keywords which you can use generate more sale through higher rankings for your in search engines.

Videos – Use our video to promote iWayTrack. Download videos and place them on your website to attract more visitors.

Dedicated affiliate managers – For any queries related to using affiliate resources, we provide you dedicated affiliate manager to guide you.

Landing pages – A great number of landing pages to suit your specific needs or traffic niche: Skype, Viber, WhatsApp, SnapChat, Parental control, as well as iOS or Android specific landings and many more.

How are sales counted?

iWayTrack affiliate program works on lead generation with successful closer model. First Interaction attribution model, which means, when a lead is allotted to specific affiliate for the first time, our backend Affiliate BMS will automatically reflect accordingly which lasts for 30 days unless it is converted as Merchant. Through that we decide first source of exposure and commission in the case of sale made.

What sort of reporting do you provide?

You get detailed report of lead conversions and any other passed to us through information in sub_ids, from relevant reports.

How do I know whether anyone of my referrals has made a sale?

We have best backend Affiliate BMS to track all your referrals at one place, under your affiliate id. You can view your list of referrals as well as due commission from their sales in the Referrals report section itself.

What rules shall I keep in mind when launching campaigns?

For Affiliates, we follow simple rules:

  • Keep it Open and Clear, Do Not SPAM
  • Never Mislead Customers
  • When you get any query, ask your affiliate manager to clear your doubts

Are there any restrictions?

There are certain rules and restrictions which we want you to follow while launching your affiliate campaigns.

  • It is forbidden to use Protected SEM Bidding Keywords. You must negative match these keywords in your paid search campaigns.
  • Never post any information which does not match to products and services offered by iWayTrack. Be authentic and never post anything against the reputation of iWayTrack.
  • We do not support traffic generation through following methods or techniques: drive-by downloads, spam pop-ups, pop-unders, incentivized or cashback traffic and by no means any hacked links or hacked redirects.
  • You must insert the following disclaimer to your website in footer:

Disclaimer: iWayTrack application is created for the purposes of employee tracking and other directly related reasons. No other usage of iWayTrack Application is endorsed by iWayTrack. iWayTrack is not liable for the other ways of the application use, described on the sites other than iWayTrack.com

Is my website eligible?

We accept all authentic and good quality websites. However to maintain the class; we do not accept:

  • Websites having sexually explicit materials
  • Websites with hate/violent/offensive content
  • Websites which promote any types of discrimination based on race, sex, religion, nationality, disability, sexual orientation, age or any other factors
  • Websites which promote illegal activities or otherwise violate any applicable laws, including those targeting WAREZ, CRACKING, and HACKING SITES, or SPAM.

If we find that the website violates these conditions, we leave complete authority to suspend your account within 24 hours, without prior notification.

Do I have to provide after-sales support?Do I have to provide after-sales support?

Absolutely not. We take care of everything at our end, starting with visitors landing on our website, to converting them in sales, processing payments, Fulfilling order, installing application, demo, service and reporting as well. Nothing comes under your responsibility.

I have forgotten my password, what do I do?

Do not worry. We are flexible. You can simply request a new password from Login Form itself. For queries, feel free to get in touch with us.

I have another issue not covered in FAQ

Still Got Queries? Contact Us Now! Just email us at [email protected] or Skype us.