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Ever wish you knew more about what your employees do all day? There is a high-tech solution to that particular problem: employee-tracking software.

Looking for the flexibility of mobile time tracking with the accountability of your in-office employees. Now you can have your cake and eat it too, with simple, accurate time tracking with GPS location stamping.

Wherever your employees need to go, iWay track App is ready to track time and location from the time an employee clocks in until the time they clock out.


Tracking time to specific projects, job codes or clients, with the ability to take notes, opens the door to a more realistic way of viewing the working day.If someone is overloaded or if a project is taking more time than anticipated, expectations can shift in real time. The ability to accurately track how long a job takes is the best way to forecast-and ultimately ease tension between managers and team members. This sets the employee up for success, time and again.

Time tracking has amazing side effects. When it’s easy to clock in and out,

no matter where you are, employees have more flexibility while still staying accountable to project managers and coworkers alike

When global incidents occur, use iWay track App to show the latest position of any

employee in the vicinity and instantly send SMS to all.

iWay track App works anywhere in the world on mobile phone

or satellite networks providing worldwide coverage.

Get details for better, smarter planning. Quickly see who’ll be out on and when,

as far into the future as you like. You can also pinpoint attendance problems by checking employees’ attendance history, types of absences, time deducted and more.

iWayTrack app automatically captures entry time along with duration of meeting and allow to Settle Conveyance bills by tracking distance travelled .

Save time by letting your staff do more on their own. With Employee Self-Service,

they can make time-off requests and submit timesheets. Supervisors can use it to review and approve requests — all online, and all without bothering you.

As your New GPS Tracking System allows you to measure performance efficiently, you can create new incentives based solely on productivity. It is amazing to see the changes in performance once drivers take the competitive spirit to heart. Before you know it, they will be helping you find new ways of bringing in revenue.

The Following Five Steps Have Proven to be Highly Effective in Helping Employees Embrace Change

  1. I. Make it easy for drivers to clearly identify and understand the change.
  2. II. Help them realize that their first reaction could be rooted in assumptions, not facts.
  3. III. Clarify the company and your drivers’ interests when considering new policies.
  4. IV. Brainstorm ways to satisfy both your and their interests.
  5. V. Seek mutually acceptable solutions.

iWay Track App will help everyone become better at their jobs. The better you get, the more money you are going to make and healthier the company, the better off everyone will be. *Savings can translate to better  returns, bonus programs, fewer customer call-backs, cancellation and complaints, less paperwork for time-cards, better drive training etc. It will make you a better company with the benefits you already realize and understand.

A good relationship with your drivers will help your fleet run more smoothly and efficiently. Therefore, the more you can get your drivers to collaborate (partner) with the change instead of resisting (fighting) it, the better off the company will be

This powerful employee time tracker application has capability to boost your overall business!