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Real-Time Monitoring And Management Of Fleet Vehicles

iWay Track is a GPS tracking manufacturer providing Internet-based access to LIVE vehicle tracking and asset management. Knowing where your vehicles and assets are at all times gives you the power to make time and money-saving decisions with a quick glance.

Seasonality and timeliness are two essential components always present in your industry. To make sure you get your share of business – and then some – iWay Track LIVE GPS tracking system has everything you need to position your fleet to not only perform, but excel, when speed and nimbleness is essential.

Inclimate weather has factors all its own to contend with. Know your mobile crews are safe, arriving at their destinations using the clearest, best routes and all the while being kept aware of changing conditions.

Our Features

Businesses can’t always monitor everything that occurs within a fleet. This is when advanced GPS tracking software can make a difference. Intuitive solutions help record fleet activity–see where drivers go, track arrival and departure times, as well measure vehicle and fuel usage based on key metrics. These intuitive tools can improve job management in more ways than one while keeping you updated.

Boost Efficiency and Save Time

iWay Track will help you to manage logistics headache with easy and grace.It helps in Energy industry for tracking moving Equipment.

Meet regulatory standard and requirements by submitting generated mileage and usage reports directly from the iWay Track online system. There’s no need to tally the paperwork for each well site, just run the report.


Keeping your equipment secure in remote locations is challenging but simple with iWay Track

You will get an alert the moment your equipment is in unauthorized movement. So if that water truck moves from a site without your authorization, you’ll get a text message immediately giving you an opportunity to locate it and report it to the proper authorizes. Keep your workers safe with a panic feature. Imagine they are checking on wells and encounter illegal activity. A panic feature can be triggered that will immediately alert dispatcher and supervisor that something is wrong and to take action. Staying up to speed on when each job is completed is paramount in the towing industry also it make sure your drivers are where they need to be in a timely makes your company run more efficiently, which translates to getting more jobs. Let iWay Tracking system empower you with its live GPS tracking technology, and all that comes with it.

In your business, it’s about more than simply towing a car to the dealer, recovering a vehicle, fixing a flat or charging a battery. Hardly an industry exists that relies more upon promptness, accuracy of location and flexibility to change your route. With iWay Track’s live GPS system, raise your company’s game by ensuring quicker response times and better route planning. This can mean major fuel savings, no matter your fleet size. More service calls, ramped up efficiency, and easier communication means one thing: Success. Straight to your bottom line!  

There’s nothing more frustrating than two drivers arriving at a destination, each thinking it was their responsibility. Or sending a driver across town to a service call, when you had a technician only a few blocks away. Dispatch and routing solves that with ease as your dispatcher quickly assigns your mobile team’s service calls, sending driver’s to calls closest to them, and even offering the shortest route to each destination. Your responsibility is to know your drivers are safe and handling their workload as smoothly as possible. Access iWay Track’s alert function and instantly be informed of aggressive driving or speeding and set geofence alerts which notify you if a vehicle enters – or exits – an area that’s off-limits. This increased monitoring empowers your crew; they can show they’re doing the right thing. Everybody benefits as the company performs as a well-oiled machine.

Protect your business from theft with real-time vehicle location detectionand tracking, including geographic zone settings that alert when your fleet is outside designated zones. Our robust solution tracks a vehicle’s every move and provides round-the-clock stolen vehicle retrieval service, securing your assets and business, 24 hours a day.   


Reporting helps you in three ways firstly Detailed Reports, secondly Summary Reports and thirdly Performance Reports.

Detail reports are vehicle or device specific and are structured to pull information from the database in pre-defined formats that are relevant to the type of report requested. If it is necessary to add/remove data fields (columns) to any of these reports, it is simply a matter of re-configuring the report generator for a specific client. Here we have the same nature of controls as on the Vehicle Map screen, allowing us to specify for which vehicle we want the report, the date range for the report and then which report we want to see. Event Detail Report provides all received events. In our application, location is reported in every 5 minutes and events that are reported are Start, Stop, and In-motion. Each event reports consists of Time, Date, Status, Latitude, Longitude, Speed, Heading, Altitude, Odometer (if available), and Address.

Summary Reports Unlike Device Detail Reports, Fleet Summary Reports are focused on either a group of vehicles or an entire fleet. They are not relevant only to a specific vehicle, as they present information that is only useful when viewed across a group of vehicles or assets. The Last Known Vehicle Location is also designed to present the user with the simple report with current status on each of the vehicles in the selected group.

Performance Reports The primary focus of Driver Performance Reports is to provide the fleet manager with meaningful information that pertains to the utilization of his/her fleet assets. Are the vehicles being driven in a safe manner (i.e. adhering to relevant speed limits)? Are vehicles being used effectively or is excessive time being taken at stops? These are the types of questions that can be answered by reviewing the information available in the Driver Performance Reports. Driving/Stopped Time Summary report is designed to give the fleet manager detailed information (on a vehicle basis), showing how much time was spent driving, how long the transit time was between stops and how much distance was covered. Additionally, the report shows how much time the vehicle spent stopped, what the duration of the stops were and how many stops there were and what the locations were.


Mapping helps you in two ways firstly Vehicle Map- display the vehicle location on map individually and secondly Vehicle Group Map- display all the vehicles location on map in a given group.


Administration helps in doing the admin works on your account panel such as creating users for your account, creating geo zones and etc..