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Event Log

IWayTrack provides the most comprehensive event log report of a user’s vehicle. It lists details of all selected events in a consecutive series. Event log provides the over-speeding alert in possible situations.

Event log report : The inputs required to generate the Event Log. Event Type : The event. Event Date & Time: Date & Time is the exact instance when an event occurs. Nearest Location: Nearest location of the vehicle when the event occurs. Time Duration: Duration of the event. Over Speeding Event: value of speed for over-speeding events. KM: Cumulative distance travelled is the first value. For location exit and location entry events the entire row is colored in yellow. After a vehicle crosses a location boundary, the second value in this column resets to zero. The second value shows the distance travelled between the location (after location exit) or within a location (after location entry). MAP View: Click to see the exact location of the vehicle on the map when the event occurs, that is, at the Date & Time instance.

Vehicle Performance Reports

Performance Report provides comparative report for all users’ vehicle within selected time duration. Performance Report gives information regarding distance covered and the movement in given time scale.

Vehicle Performance inputs: Input parameter to generate the report is the time period. Vehicle Registration Number: Registration numbers of all your vehicles. Duration: The time period of actual travel of the vehicle. KM: Distance travelled. Nearest Location: Nearest location of the vehicle at the end of the time period. Vehicle Movement: Movement is the time of travel between the start and end times. The percentage of total time spent travelling is also reported. Avg. Speed: Average speed during the internal. Accuracy: Accuracy of the data received.

Vehicle Stoppage Reports

User can analyze their number of Stoppage on particular time duration of travelling by generating report.