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Vehicle tracking has also assumed immense importance in urban India, in view of the graveyard shift culture ushered by upcoming BPOs. Several incidents involving call centre cab services have put the spotlight on the need for foolproof security in this sector. Add to it, the growing tourism industry, and the need for tracking systems in the cab services for safety of foreign tourists and local commuters is apparent.

GPS tracking is very essential for taxi cab fleet management. Companies dispatching taxi cabs know that a tracking system will tell them where their fleet is exactly, so they have better control of their resources, and as an extension of that, better control of their operating costs and profit margin. GPS tracking systems are used to: record on-duty trips; to keep an electronic record of mileage and location, eliminating the need for manual trip sheets; and to better dispatch the closest available vehicle to trip requests.

Avoiding traffic jams: Every cab passenger’s biggest nightmare is getting stuck in traffic with the meter running. Real-time GPS tracking systems can figure out how traffic is flowing.


If a cab is stolen, its whereabouts will be known if it is equipped with a vehicle tracking system.

If a customer leaves luggage, a laptop or umbrella in a taxi, a location and time are all that is needed to narrow the search to a few vehicles. GPS tracking systems record a detailed travel history.

Along with the detailed report, user gets an alert for whenever driver is going for the unapproved use of AC.

Our solution sets forth highly accurate data about the distance travelled by each cab in the flee.